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Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello fellow kickballers,

We were real excited to bring in some new people this season in hopes of improving our team, but because of various weddings, vacations, etc. we haven't had anywhere near our full team here yet. It has showed our first two weeks, as we haven't been hitting on all cylinders. We did well enough to get a win the first week, but then we decided to forget how to kick last week against D-Bags and lost 1-0, while only putting 1 person on base. Kudos to them for playing great defense all game. We are off this week, so we'll try to get our shit together before playing Candy Van next week. We're also going to try to flip our karma by starting to write GMOT's again after taking a couple of seasons off. Sadly, we couldn't think of anything funny this week, so we'll recycle a classic to remind people that we used to be funny:

This also reminds us that no matter how poorly we did last week, we can still count on beating Walk of Shame later in the season.


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