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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Awful Waffles

It's well known:  Ghosts are scary creatures.  And unless your Peter Venkman or drive around in Ecto-1 there's probably not much you could do to protect yourself from ghosts.  I mean, they're intangible and like to eat your faces.  They're tough.

What the world needs is a beacon of light to shine through the facade of non corporeal spirits.  Thankfully your awful waffles are here to save the day.

Now in addition to flamingo butt drinking, punch serving, and flip cupping if you see us at the fields in our new waffle shirts (introductions next week) for the price of one lone star tall boy we will vanquish any ghosts from your immediate vicinity.  Because we're cool like that.

This week we play "where my pitches at" at 7pm.  Come check us out.  First ghost busting on the house.

eternally yours,
awful waffles

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