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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Get Drunk, Kick Away

We held true. We stuck to our guns. We lost heartily. We had more fun losing than any team should.

We’re a team that goes big or goes home.  If we can’t keep our feet on the pedals of our big wheels, we tape them on instead of riding down smaller hills, we wear Moon-shoes on trampolines, we belly flop from the high dives, and walk on top of the monkey bars. We are those kids. Getting hurt, grinning ear to ear, and jumping up to do it all again. We crashed last week, but Nate “Goin Home” Fox reminded us exactly what we’re about.

The stage was set, 2 outs, bottom of the 5th, bases empty down by 8 runs. Our “Most Eligible” player steps up and kicks a soft liner to very shallow center right field. Most people take their base and hope the next batter can keep the game alive. Most people aren’t Nate “Playin’ The Bass with my Mouth” Fox who instead, rounded first and charged through second. The fielders realized what was happening, but not before he headed for third.

In a pickle, he shuffled back towards 2nd, waited for the throw, and blazed for third. The audacity of the play caught the second baseman off guard. She bobbled, and the triple was complete.... Oh contraire mon frere, Nate “The Fourth Muskateer” Fox was not done yet he rounded third while shaking his index finger a la Dikembe Mutombo at the third base coach. Why?  Because that’s the way we play.

He sprinted again. Alacrity, thy name is Nathaniel “What The Hell Is His Middle Name?” Fox. Boom!  It was over. It had happened. He was out at the plate. The game was over. 8-0. No runs scored.

We cheered and laughed all the way to bar. We came, we drank, we kicked. We had a great time. Bring the pain, because we’ll bring the fun (and hopefully the occasional win).

Robert “Got Benched” Hangren also managed to actually get benched.

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