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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awful Waffles

Hi kids,
It's time for another round of good news/bad news.

1) Your awful waffles beat ballin' bambinos.  The game was fun and, although it was a bit one sided, they were a pretty fun team.
2) We play faceballs tonight.  The only thing that could be cooler than that was if their name was googleplusballs.
3) Our "juice" jug will be filled and ready to go tonight again.  You should find us on the fields and grab some nutritious and delicious juice!  Well be the ones in our brand spanking new waffle shirts.

1)No rocking homemade waffle images in this GMOT entry.
2) Nothing you could ever do will ever match the awesomeness in this image, sorry:

(no trophies were harmed in this picture)

happy kickball day

forever yours,
awful waffles

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