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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get Drunk, Kick Away

The victory train rolls on my friends. It might not be rolling harder than the pitches “…But We’re Good At Flip Cup” was throwing at our girls but few things do. We managed to get a little closer to the full roster in week two and it showed.

Jeff “Live the Name” Freidman and Lindsay “Left Field Lock Down” Stevens may have played their first game, but it was clear this wasn’t their first rodeo. Robert “Scraped Knuckles” Hangren and Sean “I Just Wanna Blast It” Hall brought the ever needed Viking Chug to the fields, a tradition that is here to stay. Sarah “Which Way Is North” Gerald and Itzett “More Shakira” Romero were so enthused by the steamrolling of “…But We’re Good at Flip Cup” that they’ve wanted to start Get[ting] Drunk, Kick[ing] Away for practice. Kelsey “Don’t Yell at Mel” Hill and Ashley “Oh My God I Caught It” McKemie were great additions to an outfield running the Shallow Ladies Alignment. Elizabeth “Call ‘im Off” Medlin and Chris “Better Than The Light Brigade” Saum killed it on the 3rd base side, which we’ll need again in our next match up.

To KickInABox, I simply ask you to prepare. Purpleman in a deeply hurtful move picked you guys as victors for the week. You’ve put away a good team this season, but we think we’ve got a shot. We’ll be the ones talking an immense amount of shit, then doing everything in our power not back it up. I would like place a bit of a wager on the game. Winning captain buys losing captain a shot. An insurance bet if you will.

No team spirit award this week. Instead team call out. Alex “I Do What I Want” Morris is still, much to the embarrassment of the team, bunting. To our future opponents (in an effort to be above board about the whole thing): He might bunt. No one is happy.

Also he poured this beer for one of our teammates and laughed.

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