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Thursday, June 28, 2012


What's that, two GMOTs in one week? You bet your ass sweet tits! We wrote a GMOT (admittedly a weak one) last week but sent it just after the deadline, so now we get bonus points for doing 2 in one week.
It's been almost 2 seasons since we actually lost a game in the regular season, so we kind of forgot what it felt like. Dre, I'm sorry you have to live with that awful feeling so often.
Now it's time to wash away that taste of defeat with a win over Candy Van. I know what you're thinking Candy Van, "How could we get Teabagged? We're super fun with our trucker hats and short shorts!" Capes and koozies won't save you this time. Sometimes the Candy Van is successful:
Sometimes it isn't:

Candy Van will fall Thursday against the Teabaggers.

On a side note we do love the pics of Dre. Keep up the good work.
That is all.

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