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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Team Easy!

While I enjoyed the Spring season, I think we can all agree that it lacked the pizazz, flamboyance, and heavy petting of seasons past. One could argue this was due to the outstretch field locations, or perhaps our league bar that was, eh, less than hospitable for 'our kind of people.' But those are all minor causes for a season that seemly forgot the second half of the kickball recipe: getting drunk and naked. If you search deeper in your heart, the answer will be presented to you on platform heels wrapped around a pole with a side of Motley Crue. You were missing Team Easy and the contemptible behavior our fellow easies brought to the table.

You all are in for a real treat this season because we have whipped up a tasty concoction of new talent that will rock your pantalones off. The PPD will be flowing, the music blastin, and our outfielders dancin.

 Summer season is here and we’re back! Hotter and easier than ever. You’re welcome.

-chief man whore

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