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Thursday, April 12, 2012

We've Got Throws

We had our best game ever last week! At the end of the game we were tied which is gigantic improvement from our first game's 15-0 loss. But the most impressive part is that we started the game with only 3 guys and 7 girls. Our 4th guy finally got there with the beer partially through the 1st inning (Seriously, if you are in charge of bringing beer, you should not be late!!). Jay was an awesome ref, and, although we lost the game in overtime, I think we won the flip cup after the game which is what really matters.

 While our girls are obviously awesome, we clearly need a few more guys to join our team. We are looking for fun, good-looking guys that are good at flip cup. We will be taking applications Thursday at the tables by field A after our 7:15 game by means of a flip cup challenge. See you at the fields.

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