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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hannah Montanah

The actors in the Hannah Montana Sex Tape is a little confused. Our defense is skipping foreplay and going straight to the ass by letting in 3 runs in the first inning. No way to start a sex tape. We then decide we aren't ready for that type of action and SQUEEZE down the D and start to play some kickball. After our defense has tightened up, we held strong for the rest of the taping (game) and never got penetrated (scored on) again. Maybe we need a few solo sessions (practice) to figure out how to come out of the gates lubed up. Our offense has always failed to really live up to our potential. We can never seem to get into the moment and typically fail to get anyone off. In short, Hannah Montana's Sex Tape needs to get hardcore again. No one wants to watch a handjob on tape, we need to start scoring. Maybe then, we can have a great money shot.

 Slutty as Always,

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