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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big League Chew

The Bad News: We got stomped in our last game. Can't blame is on defense when our pitcher gets ROCKED like that. I have honestly not seen a ball kicked that far... ever... and Tom Hallock is on one of my teams... Big League Chew suffered a huge blow, and some would say, are officially out of the running. Its gonna take some serious effort if we are going to find our way back to the promise land... or we could just have our whole team show up for once, but lets be serious.

The Good News: This team is resilient! Our pitcher took advantage of the off week to hone his skills. Studying his release point, adding a new pitch to his arsenal (the cricket pitch), and generally striving to improve himself in any way. And by that I mean he sulked for a day or two, drank too much, and eventually got over it. To Marie, there is NO way you could have got to that ball. Just keep being the best female outfielder that WAKA has ever seen. To Elizabeth, get back to flirting with the other team. Distracting 3rd base coaches is a good way to get someone thrown out at home. To Stephen, you're key to our team morale, but try harder to to dress in appropriate theme attire. The theme wasn't Jamestown, it was Pirates/Ninjas. To Chicks Dig Big Kicks, be prepared, because tonight is gonna get ugly.

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