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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awful Waffles

Yay! Kickball came back with a vengeance and the waffles were out in full force overwhelming waka Texas rangers. And since there was a holiday the next day all of the waffles went out in full force and as a result, details got hazy around 10 pm at Liberty. Things remembered were broken beer bottles and many high fives over a game well played. Things forgotten were probably numerous for all waffles. But I figured that this was just a typical drunk night. I was wrong.

 Waking up the next morning I seemed to remember phish waffle loudly exclaiming herself to not be "the drunkest girl at the party" (which was false and wrong) and everyone having a big laugh over that. Then I happened on this photo from a third party which I'll try to explain to all of you:

 So the best I can gather is that one of the waffles must have at some point made it over to a local bar to proclaim her undying devotion to the trash waffle at the bar. Since the dude has one sinister looking 'stache he apparently wasn't having any of this even though she brought him flowers. And a mariachi band. And was singing this song (with apologies to Rick Springfield):

 The trashman is a friend
Well he's not really a good friend of mine
But when I go to the bar its so easy to see
That he really needs a girl and I need it to be me.
And he's watching me with those eyes!
And I want his hairy trash carrying body
And for him to hold me in his arms late late at night.
 You know I wish I was the trashman's girl!!
You know I wish I was the trashman's girl!!
Where can I find a waffle like that?

 Somehow he was apparently not swayed by this and I'm not sure if any waffles are now allowed back or if we even should try. Way to go team. Anyway, your ever loving awful waffles are playing we've got throws (THROWS!) at 7 followed by dizzy bat flip cup immediately to follow. Come find us if you want to play! 

eternally yours,
awful waffles.

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