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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Relax and Let it Happen

Finally, we were able to play the game that we enjoy and love and respect and are really good at. The great game of kickball. It seemed like it had been about 3 months since we last played, and it showed. Not only were we missing some key players, but we were a tad rusty. We played Candy Van and tied them 3-3. It should've been 3-2 or 3-1 but shit happens, and we're not perfect...YET.

 Next week we play Suck My Kick and Slampieces in a double-header. As always, come by and take notes on how to become a dynasty like us. It won't actually happen to you, because you don't have the athletes or the overall dedication to the game like we do, but at least you'll see how it happens. Until then, Relax and Let it Happen.

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