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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Walk of Shame

ATTENTION! IF YOU'RE THE OWNER OF A WHITE, WINDOWLESS VAN, PLEASE CALL AUSTIN TOWING CO. Your van was illegally parked in front of the Walks house of Shame.

After all that clever photoshopping. All that clever trash talk. All the new players. All the hype....

 You should apologize.

What does your picture have to say now Valerie? Did you really bring Luis brought in to stop the Walks? Hahaha! Ain't gonna happen.

We don't need to say much more. Scoreboard, Biatch!

Walks and Billy Dre Cyrus (Your father Hannah... comin for you) 2. Candy Van 1.

P.S. Slampieces... Hey, unlike Relax, we aren't going to write an article about how much you suck. We aren't assholes. You'll get better. We thought you people were quite nice. We hope the one girl is okay. And any of your first 3 kickers is welcome to join our team anytime. We could use the speed upgrade. Talk to us at the fields sometime.

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