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Thursday, April 19, 2012

PurpleSaurus Rex

Well, we got PurpleSaurus Wrecked. I think this squad has officially moved into the "at least we got drunker than the other team, and we're clearly better looking" zone in order to try and validate our on-field performance, but the fact of the matter is that I cried myself to sleep in a pirate costume last Thursday night, and our opponents were all highly attractive athletes. Balls Deep is a fine organization and I'm proud to have shared the field with them, so let's never speak of this again so I don't have to murder anyone.

Tip o the hat to Tom Hallock, who wins the lifetime achievement award for throwing the ball further than it has ever been thrown before in a failed attempt to peg a runner at third, rounding out an in-the-park home run off of three infield errors, the elusive anti-triple play! How our defense can manage such ineptitude is only made more mystifying by the fact that just an inning earlier, we pulled off an ACTUAL triple play when Carrie picked off two unassisted at first base and then gunned it to Marion at home plate who tagged a runner attempting to score.

This week will be interesting. I'm like 80% sure there are going to be enough people to play, but with me and Nate leaving for Tennessee, Carrie and Lundy otherwise engaged, and Tom double booked and committed to the Candy Van game (what idiot makes these schedules anyway?), Whiskey Kick is going to see a seriously depleted roster, but I have faith in the underdog upset story. Happy Thursday everybody!



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