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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PurpleSaurus Rex!

Another week, another ... tie? Shit. That's not how this is supposed to work. I thought this team was good! Well at least our record still looks pretty solid. What's that? We haven't won a game yet? Oh man, 0-2-2? What is this soccer? We can't even get high fives right!

Luckily our tiny arms are enough to lift cup to mouth, and we'll continue plowing through the PurpleSaurus punch in an effort to forget about our dismal record and lure our opponents into a false sense of security.

This week were going dino-balls deep against the #4 team in the league. I hereby invite Balls Deep and anyone else who so desires to partake in the bounty of our cooler and experience the pleasure that can only come from reaching the botom of your purple cup. I have a bunch of people asking what the hell is in this stuff, to which I always respond:

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