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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toot It Says...

If you had the privilege of watching us win in OT against Chicks Dig Big Kicks, you wouldn't have been able to take your eyes off of us, it was simply beautiful. For one, we were breakin' necks and cashin' checks all game.... 2 double plays, a strike-out by our very own Robert N. (who also scored not once, but TWICE, BOOYAH), BEN H. kicked it over the hills and far away getting us 3RBI's (he's the ginger that ref's your games, so make sure to give him a hell yea next time you see him). We also had Shaini, the sweetest and cutest girl you've ever seen touch home, Anders K. made it all the WAY and scottie2hottie scored 3 times!
It might be that we played dress up that game or that Anders made us all jello shot syringes that we shot in eachother's mouths ever so sexually or it just might be that we have a bunch of gingers on our team. Either way, something was in the air that night (TOOT IT) and its comin' back for round 2 (BOOT IT).

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