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Sunday, May 10, 2015

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

The rumors are true, PurpleSaurus Rex is back. By guilting people into signing up for "one last season before the baby comes" I've assembled what may well be the greatest roster of all time. Reading through the lineup is like reading the tracklist of your favorite bands greatest hits album: all the best songs you remember and a few more awesome originals to remind everyone that they've STILL GOT IT.

We cam out hard week 1 rocking the undies on the outside theme, blew through 5 gallons on Purple Drank, and played an absolutely flawless game that we somehow lost 3-2. I'm told there was a home run or something, but I probably missed it during that inning where that drank went right through me and I had to do the unthinkable: take a shit in the Gillis bathrooms in the middle of the game. It was pretty horrible. Y'all learn from my errors and keep TP in the car, you never know what's gonna happen out there.

One stellar play stood out as Katherine earned the game dinosaur with a sick grab out in right field, but I think most of the highlights were from the other team so we won't talk about that. We bounced back hard at the bar, took 3rd place points in the bar game, and appear to have a week 1 lead in the Life of the Party standings, and that's BEFORE costume points! Next week we shall be tight, we shall be bright, and we'll probably also be rocking the sweet custom tutus we made at Hayley's place today, because having a brunch and tutu making party is a totally normal team activity.

Just in case you want to look as good as us, I'll include a tutu making tutorial from our very own Hayley Fojtik, or should I say a Tu-tutorial? MMM?

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