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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Welcome to the GMOT, and the Life of the Party

Hello TX Live-ers! I want to welcome you to a beautiful special happy place known as the Ghost Man on Third blog: a magical corner of the internet full of kickball, flip cup, bar games, smack talk, shaming, and the total amassed general tomfoolery that one can only find in a WAKA Kickball league.

Now, in years past, there have been many more contributing authors than just a few people sending in blurbs every week, and we AIM TO RETURN THIS BLOG TO ITS FORMER GLORY. If you haven't already heard about the Life of the Party competition, you need to catch up. Let me lay it out for you:

Each week, you play a kickball game. Ok cool, that makes sense, this is a kickball league. It does not end there! The Life of the Party is an ongoing competition that will take place throughout the season and will BELT a final champion after the regular season completes that will be forever known as the Party Champs of TX Live. There are a bunch of ways to play: dressing up on theme nights, posting pictures to our Facebook Group, playing the weekly Bar Games that are available at The Park on South Lamar each week, and finally SUBMITTING POSTS TO THIS BLOG! That's right, all you gotta do is send in an email to waka.gmot@gmail.com and it'll be posted right here with your team's name across it, and BOOM - 25 Social Points! Get yourself on the board.

It's a great place talk about how awesome your team is, talk smack to an upcoming opponent, share photoshopped illustrations of people in the league, or pretty much whatever you want! Only rules: no nude pics, and no hate speech. If your post is abusive it won't get posted and we're forwarding to your mother. Shame on you.

Points will be tallied 3 times a week: once on Wednesdays counting up all blog points, once on Thursdays recording bar games points, and again on Sundays recording points for pictures and challenges. May your pursuit of the belt lead you to the Party Promised Land!

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