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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Large Hardon Collider - TX Live

Our game last week was an exciting one. There was a brief window of hope for Recess Rockstars right before the game started, but it was quickly washed away in a turbulent, high-Reynolds flow of horrific three-dimensional vortices. We almost felt bad for doling out such a graphic, gratuitous, grand slam of greatness, but oftentimes a team finds itself having to reflect on….oh wait, shit. Last week was a rainout.

In a true showing of Hardon Collision, we instead decided to don our insanely amazing neon fanny packs and get drunk with our new favorite team: Alcaballics. A solid pregame led us to our second home at The Park, where we partied so hard, and looked so beautiful, that they made us their official mascots.

Something very similar to this happened.
Seriously though. They shared our #austinwaka picture set, which I’m sure we’ll see some royalties on in the near future.
Ohhh yeah. That money should start flowing aaaaannyyyytime now…

I digress. Eventually whisperings began to float around The Park like restless party ghosts. These whisperings were of course what every kickballer yearns to hear, but dares not speak aloud: Ego’s. Yes, there were some Ego’s virgins in the crowd that night. Obviously this is no longer the case. Obviously things got weird. As they were meant to.

This week we are matched up against Alcaballics, which could end up being the blackout game of the century. The top two party teams in the league pitted against each other in singular destruction of their livers.

I’ll also let you in on a little secret, dear readers. Our team theme this week will be “‘Murica” and we’ll be sporting our national pride loud and proud. Feel free to join us in this endeavor and also come sexually harass us at the bar afterwards. We ARE famous there, after all.

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