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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Large Hardon Collider - TX Live

In possibly the wittiest, near speed-of-light impact of physics and dick jokes ever seen by the realms of man, I present to you Large Hardon Collider. Our story is as old as time itself. We trace our lineage back to the beginnings of the game when squares were becoming circles, circles where becoming spheres, and spheres were becoming kickballs.
We currently represent varying transitional parts of this image

We were there when John D. Rockefeller decided to come to Texas and dropkick a 300-lb slab of pink granite into outer space because he heard someone say that oil SHOULDN’T come in a 42 gal barrel, thus pioneering two important modern technologies: 1) Low Earth Orbit satellites, and 2) Kickball.
View from the first “Rockefeller Class” kickball

Don’t be intimidated, though, by our historical prowess and fleshy moniker. We’re here to do three things and three things only: 1) Drink more than Purplesaurus, 2) Be sexually irresistible to both sexes simultaneously, and 3) Participate in themes that are mostly offensive, but also give you a strange tingling sensation in some yet-to-be-explored part of your body.

So we’ll see you at the bar after your game. You can’t miss us because the whole team will be there! We’re the insanely attractive ones in the delightfully sexy, coral/salmon shirts.
Image 3:
No we’re not Kick in the Punt. THAT’S PINK, DAMNIT!

Come party with us, because if you don’t…we’ll find you!

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