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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Alcaballics - TX Live

Ahhhhhh yeeeeeahhhh.  What's that I hear?  Bell Biv Divoe and R. Kelly jams? Is that the sound of the Alcaballics back in the game?!

We took the winter season off to mentally recover from the unfortunate forfeit we undured during playoffs in the fall.  (Seriously, its a sore subject.  Don't ask as about it.)

But we are back and better than ever with a good core group of Alcaballics returning and a whole slew of awesome new (to us) blood!  We are ready to dance our asses off and hold up the Alcaballics' name of being generally the drunkest assholes out there who seem to be moderately athletic.

A move up into the more competitive Capital Conference didn't scare us right out of the gate... the Alcaballics overcame The Recess Rockstars in a 6-2 victory. This week we have a tough match up against Ram It Home, but we feel confident that we will be winning at least in the dance moves department. 

Speaking of dance moves... we plan on getting DOWN at the Park every week, so if you see us out there, come over and say "haaaay" and who knows, maybe our very own Becca Gutstadt will do some acro yoga with you, if you know what I mean... (And what I mean is that she is an actual acro yoga teacher who will teach you how to correctly stack your handstands.)

Until next week, as the poet of our generation Coolio, would say, keep rollin' with the homies.

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