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Thursday, May 14, 2015

TX Live Social Challenge #1 - Team Mascots!

As promised, this season will feature a few impromptu opportunities to earn bonus social points, and the first one starts now with the team mascot competition. A team mascot can be an inanimate object, an animatronic object, a re-animated object, or basically any kind of object. Alternatively, you can have a mascot costume that one of your teammates wears to games! The point is, get creative and have something that you parade around the fields representing your team. With any luck this will get competitive and people will start abducting other teams' mascots and posting ransom notes on the GMOT.

Dance moves will almost certainly earn you bonus points.

To enter the competition, post an album of your team's mascot to the Facebook Group and tag it #austinwaka and #mascot. Top three mascots will win social points: 150 pts, 100 pts, and 50 pts respectively. Contest ends in two weeks, so you've got a week to create and a week to take pictures of the mascot in action!

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