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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kickin the Punt - TX Live

Another week, another rained out game. Total bummer. Regardless, Kickin the Punt showed strong at the bar with our own theme of Nerds! With just five lovely ladies all dorked out we ROCKED the flip cup bar game to take home the winning spot. Go us! It’s gotta be something about that pink…. But we got our #wakabelt back and will take every care of it in every way that it deserves.

We are definitely enjoying the mix-and –mingle feel that teams are starting to have at the bar. Less cliques and more meeting we say.

This nasty weather has us all down for sure and now that we don’t have any rain dates left in the season, we CANT miss any more games. This sun, sun, sunny day today needs to continue friends! Break out the drums, do your dance, whatever it takes cuz we gotta PLAY already.

On a funner note…who’s up for from brunch at Bangers on June 14? Find us for details or just come for food and manmosas and stay for visits to other bars along the road.

Kicks and balls, Evelyn

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