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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pitches be Trippin' - TX Live

Hi, new and old friends! My name is Jessica, but you can all call me "Jazzy". With the new season underway, I wanted to introduce you all to people you will want to know. Do be shy, come say hi! I promise we don't bite....too hard;)

Jessica "Jazzy" Nicole Hanna
AOL Screen Name: Dancingjester09
N’SYNC or BSB? - N’SYNC! JT all the way!
My favorite unusual food combination is Mac & Cheese with Baked Bean Chilli served with Fried Fish!
T Swift or Beyonce? - Queen Bey! #Flawless

Andrea Jane Rehkopf

AOL name: Toocrazi4u
1) NSYNC or BSB?  Backstreet Boys: they got it going on.
2) Oddest item in your car right now? Cards against humanity and a dog bed.
3) Pick up line:  Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you got a sweet ass

Warren Charles Ogle
AOL Screen Name: ChunkyLover53
Favorite Superhero and briefly why: Batman; dude can barely see his billions of dollars through all the super models throwing themselves at him, and he still goes out there and puts his life on the line to clean up the city that killed his parents. That's some gangster shit.
Actor/Actress who should play you in your documentary: Morgan Freeman
 Favorite Pickup line: Corporate accounts payable, Nina Speaking. JUST a moment.

Megan Diane Truax
Megan Truax pic.jpg
 AOL Screenname (If you forget yours make up a fun one, or else I chose soccerguurrlllll89999999) MeganT285 (original, I know.)
Favorite superhero and briefly why Catwoman... awesome costume
Actor/Actress  who should play you in your documentary Reece Weatherspoon... I LOVE her. :)
What is your Dream date ehhh.. one that doesn't end in him stalking me.
What is your favorite pickup line We're not socks. But I think we'd make a great pair.

Kyle John Trzaskalski

AOL Screen Name: uvacavs4217 - I was misguided and liked UVA as a kid.  Kid's are so stupid.
Nsync.. really is this a question?  Everything Justin Timberlake touches is gold.
Taylor Swift.. Because Beyonce' doesnt get me like Tswift does, plus Beyonce said she would be at ACL last year and never came.  I mean that's the word on the street just ask Julie.
It would be the love story of our generation and would last forever.. or until Keira Knightley fell in love with me, she has an accent she wins. b)  I can't write a sad song about you (clearly I would be Taylor Swifts Kryptonite)
Washed between your toes? I dont think I ever have.
Dream Date? Drinks while playing with 20 puppies.
 Are you a pirate?  Because I want cho booty.

Peter William Graham
cover picture.png
AOL Screen Name: soonerboy14
Superhero? Batman, because he has no superpowers. It's something you can aspire to. Get rich and kick ass!!
T-swift or Beyonce? Beyonce. Break up songs probably cover more than 80% of Taylor Swift music. Beyonce is over here talking about putting a ring on it. I think Beyonce has healthier relationships (and she's hotter).
Pick up line? Let me push you to master and give you the D. (git push origin master \n git branch -D sexyBranch). It's a git joke I thought of on the spot once. I'm a software engineer…

Nathan Gabriel Goodman
Nathan Goodman Pic.jpg
AOL Screenname - Your_Moms_Ride_Home_86
   Oddest item you could find in your car right now - A red lightsaber hors' d' oeuvres pick. From Star Wars night at my last Round Rock Express game of course.
        My favorite unusual food combination is mac and cheese topped with applesauce.
        What is your Dream date - December 32 because it would make Christmas vacation another day longer.  (See what I did there?)

Stacey Teresa Cleveland
AOL screen name: Purtty1NpunK (I was young and awesome)
Favorite Superhero: The Flash. BAZINGA!
How often do you clean between your toes? I didn't know that was a thing. Obviously never. I'm still awesome though.
Favorite pickup line: My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood. (If this is over your head, we cannot be friends)

Amy Michelle Slotin
AOL Screenname - I think it was cowtipper625. (Yep I'm from SC)
Favorite superhero and briefly why - as a kid it was plastic man....now it would prob beee ummmm TMNT OR IRON MAN
Oddest item you could find in your car right now - hah I work with kids...there is a looonnnnggg list including bubblegum flavored gloves, go fish game, and lots of scratch lotto cards
My favorite unusual food combination is grilled cheese with ketchup and pickles

Michelle Desiree Bonnette
me.jpgAOL Screen Name: utchick128
Actor/Actress  who should play you in your documentary? Laura Prepon
 N’SYNC or BSB? Briefly why: neither, i have a decent taste for music ;)
Oddest item you could find in your car right now?  myself
How often do you clean between your toes? every damn day, cmon!

Julie Elizabeth Heier

AOL Screen name: Bubble108
Beyoncé or Taylor Swift: Wait, I am not Beyoncé? Unfortunately #iwokeuplikedis
Oddest thing in my car:  device called “mole zapp” my amazon prime should be revoked
What's your Favorite pick line? Are you a campfire? Cause you are hot and I want s'more.

Raymond Jay Prefume
AOL Screenname: Ohherropreeze
Favorite superhero and briefly why? Captain America... Merica!
Actor/Actress  who should play you in your documentary? Dwayne Johnson obviously
Taylor Swift or Beyoncé? Why? Ariel from Little mermaid... She's a babe
What is your favorite pickup line? Girl... The back of yo head is ridiculous!

Brandon Michael Brown
AOL Screen name: frrstgmp8
Actor/Actress who should play you in your documentary? Charlie Kelly from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Actor's real name is Charlie Day) because apparently we sound a lot alike
How often do you clean between your toes? Everytime I shower...isn't that a normal thing to do?!?
Favorite superhero and briefly why? Captain Planet...because he's a hero and gonna take pollution down to zero (I'm not sure we can be friends if you honestly don't know who this is)

Scott Michael Murphy
AOL Screenname: Smurphy_smurf01

Christina *Joy* O’Donnell
AOL Screenname: don_chri_dogsrule

Justin *Randall* Jordan
AOL Screenname: redbearded_jj25

James Robert Clark
AOL Screenname: semaj_kralc00

Adam Michael Goodman
AOL Screenname: goody_boy90

Travis *Patrick* Sackett
AOL Screenname: T_bikeman_dude

Stephen *George* Stowe
AOL Screenname: stoweaway4123

Peace, love Jazzy!

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