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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

Rain may force the postponement of kickball games, but it does nothing to stymie the hot, hot, forceful, thrusting juggernaut that is PurpleSaurus Rex. The humidity just makes us steamier really. Thanks to the unsurprisingly in-sync tandem of dino mates Ninad and Sarah in the human backboard competition, Purple remains relevant in the only competition that really matters: the Life of the Party. Unfortunately Kickin the Punt failed to bring the Party Belt with them and we didn't get to take sexy pictures with it this week after posting a week 1 lead, but we'll forgive them because they're awesome and potentially willing to engage in some PUNT with us.

Having a theme night rained out is just the worst, so we're busting out the trustiest of trusty favorites: the THREE Ts. Tutus. Tights. Tiaras. On their own, each of these items bestows incredible grace and power on the wearing, imbuing them with preternatural powers of partying and engaging is flamboyant mating rituals. When all three are combined, the raw animal magnetism of the host results in an almost unfair level of sexual attraction from everyone around them, regardless of gender or really even species. You may be humans, and we may be dinosaurs, but don't think we're not "genetically compatible" or something.

The current storm systems ravaging the land appear to be the result of an unprecedented El Nino phenomenon, the likes of which have never been recorded before. As dinosaurs, we're pretty sensitive about the possibility of potentially extinction-level global weather events, so we're going to play it safe and party for the rest of the season like the end times are upon us. Just in case. We're on field #2 this week from 6:30 - 9 PM, there will be 5 gallons of PurpleSaurus Punch to consume and we're happy to share the liquid wealth with others. The fee for a cup is one dance move. Show us what you got.

Stephen & PurpleSaurus Rex

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