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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Better Red Than Blue Balls

Taking a page out of the Teabagger's book, we beat Stride of Pride last week... if you ignore their 4-run fifth inning.

For a team that considered the game "a lock," I think we surprised them by taking an early lead and them going into the final inning down by 2 runs - so much so that they had lost track of their line-up and were incredibly insistent that it was only the 4th inning. That being said, they played like a Capital team and came through when it mattered most, while we decided to take a mental break and commit a handful of bad fielding choices.

I swear once we stop trying to peg base-runners, we'll start to be a more defensively solid team. As is, we've never been more thankful for the one-extra-base over-throw rule.

This week we play Balls Against Humanity, a team we're completely unfamiliar with. They're not getting much love in the official standings or in the power rankings, but Pitches B Trippin was in dead last when we lost to them, so we're not looking to take this week lightly. Hopefully we end this two-week losing skid in time for the SXSW break, setting us up for a grudge-match, two-years in the making, against Suck My Kick.

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