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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Better Red than Blue Balls

What a way to end our season. Suck My Kick may not have known this, but it was a grudge match two years in the making - and it certainly played out that way.

In a game where bunts were a rarity (which made it a really fun game), plenty of runs were scored, leads were exchanged, and the game ultimately came down to the last batter. Nursing a three run lead going into the bottom of the 5th (and knowing that SMK's best batters had all hit in the 4th), we felt pretty confident in our ability to close the game out... then SMK scored two runs on four hits and we started to have flashbacks to our meltdown against Stride of Pride.

Clinging to a one-run lead, with two outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd, SMK was in prime position to tie the game (or even take the lead) behind their next two batters. Luckily, their next batter fouled out to 1st and the game (and our season) was over.

After a couple seasons of mediocre play, lacking attendance and merged teams, this was top-to-bottom our best season in terms of record and play. We're not all the way there yet, but we're a lot closer than we were in Fall 2012. Playoffs may be three weeks away, but we're already excited about our chances.

And with this being our eighth GMOT entry, we're also excited about the free shots.

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