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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex!

Well, in the grand tradition of talking a big game, I made some inadvisable decisions. Commander Jordan said it best.

I actually just folded some laundry this morning, and when I opened the dryer door I was suddenly enveloped by a gust of warm air laced with the cloying aroma of maple syrup. Did someone sneak into my house and make me pancakes for breakfast? Then my sleep-addled head cleared a bit and a realized oh yeah, this happened last week.

Folks I'll tell you what. It was worth the humiliation and stickiness, because until that last out there was the outside chance that I might have gotten to do this to Carrie. Can you imagine? My car still smells delicious, by the way.

You can't hold PurpleSaurus down long though, and we bounced back hard in a collaboration with honorary (and past) PurpleSaurs Nate & Scotty of Tight & Bright to throw one of, if not THE most fun house party I've ever been a part of. It was a little awkward having cocktails and convos before everyone started to show up.

But once things got going it turned into a delightful den of dance!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Nate and Scott being awesome and me turning 29, it was pretty awesome to see so many WAKA faces.

This week is the ultimate natural rivalry for PurpleSaurus Rex: we face off against the Raging Dinos! Smack talk for this game has been bouncing back and forth between players on Facebook since the schedule came out, so there's little to be said that hasn't already been covered (summary: Raging D's suck, PurpleSaurus 4 lyfe). I think Mr. Trzaskalski said it best when he produced this artist's rendering of the upcoming battle:

All the dinos from both teams are getting in the mood tonight with a screening of Jurassic Park in my back yard, and we'll be throwing down on Field #1 at 7:15 on Thursday if you want to see the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.

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