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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Tyrranical Dunderbaggers

The Bruce is not loose. We caged the Bruce, tamed the Bruce, and taught the Bruce to lay down. We were way up so we threw people into abnormal positions and let them do their thing. It was fun. The "Oh my god, we may just throw this game away after all; for the love of all things holy, just get the easy out and please, please, please quit throwing the ball into the outfield while throwing at runners" feeling in the bottom of the fifth inning may have aged Matt a bit, but it was kind of fun to watch for the Dunderers on the side lines that inning. Watching Nes burn Avalanche with a kick to LF while Tom insisted he charge from the first base side instead of actually playing left field was pretty glorious.

This week we have an off week. This means eating fajitas, drinking tequila, and taking trips to the salsa bar at Polvos in lieu of kickball. It's pretty exciting and all, but would be way more exciting if were partaking in these activities after another Dunder victory.

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