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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Raging Dinos

It's true this season has not gone as we had planned. Most would look at our record and see 2-4 as a disappointment for a team chalk full of talent and good looks. But we must not fret, we have played by far the toughest schedule in Live (Thanks Obama!.. I mean Stephen), and all of our losses have been close, including a 3-0 loss to Relax last week. But all of that is in the past, a reminder that it has all been practice for this one game... A BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY OVER DINOSAURS EVERYWHERE.

Cue the music:

The build up for this epic game has been building all season though we have never played each other there have been whispers that this rivalry is as vicious as Yankees v. Red Sox, Ohio State v. Michigan, Tanker v. Any Girl at the Bar... But no this goes far beyond that, this rivalry is to determine the top of the kickball evolutionary mountain!

Purplesaurus Rex is the lower life form of dinosaur compared to the Raging Dinos, they are the Buitreraptor to our Unenlagia.

To our:

To our:

So come out this Thursday to Field 1 at 7:15 to watch evolutionary superiority play out before your eyes. See what true Dino reigns supreme in WAKA!!

And watch Stephen run away from the more superior Dinos on the field!! (I don't know why they call him Zach this is definitelty Stephen)

P.S. - We have your dog, he didn't want to be seen cheering for Purplesaurus Rex!

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