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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PurpleSaurus Rex

In our infinite Saurian wisdom, PurpleSaurus immediately recognized that the Raging Dinos required validation through kickball victory in order to get through their weeks without going extinct, so we obliged them by playing exactly the way we always do: going as deep as possible on every pitch and playing lock-down (read: laughably porous) defense. The lack of Purple Punch due to a captain displaced from his home for SXSW put a serious damper on the spirits of some, but a camelback full of Chardonnay in left field was the savior of many a parched soul.

This week brings with it one of the greatest gifts that WAKA can bestow upon it's peoples: a theme week! And what a theme week it is! Superheroes and villains is a tried and true favorite, so we decided to go DEEPER with a theme within the theme, and will take the field in a manner most Uncanny this Thursday as the astonishing members of the X-Men!

I personally spent last night engaged in a cardboard, spray paint, and hot glue project to assemble part 1 of my costume, and and super pumped to debut it on Thursday. In case there's any confusion about what music we're going to be playing, it's this on repeat:

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