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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Walk of Shame™

Dear Relax and Let it Happen,

It has come to our attention that some of you aren't pleased with the Walks GMOT from last week. It was thought to be too mean and harsh. We would first like to say, we absolutely won the GMOT war last week.... While we still don't care what any of you personally think, we must put league above all. So with that in mind. This is an official "Our Bad" write up... So... Our Bad, even though JG told us we...

-Were Smelly

-Had a "triple gap"?

-Below average

-Had "bitties"?

-Not doable

-Had no leadership

For those of you who don't know Dre. Let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Dre. And I can't let anyone just talk about us like this. It just doesn't go down like that. I don't care if you beat us by 52. And Relax knows this.

However, since Relax is going to the Founders Cup tournament (that we were excluded from thanks to some backroom, corrupt WAKA shenanigans), we know their sensitivity level is very high right now. We want you know that we are cheering for you. That you can compete with the other pretty girls. And that no matter what they say about you... You ARE somebody! You ARE special! And don't you forget it.

And as a peace offering, we will let you folks have an opportunity at your very own Walk of Shame this weekend at Founders Cup. Our very own Walks Goddesses, Erin Shirley and Mizzy Rodriguez will be yours for one weekend. Don't get any funny ideas. You can't steal them. However this weekend, consider them as a show of our good faith. We expect them back... unharmed.

Another thing, we're not above basking in your glory, so if you do win... We'll dance under the Texas flag with you. So can we love each other again?

Our Bad,
The Walks

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