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Thursday, October 27, 2011

East Dillon Lions

Due to the fact that PurpleSaurus Rex has temporarily (for the duration of you reading this blog post only) changed it's name to the East Dillon Lions, this has officially become RIVALRY WEEK!

I don't even know these Dillon Panther losers, but two consecutive bye weeks has got me missing kickball so much that I've built this game up in my head to the point where it can be nothing short of LEGEN...(wait for it)...DARY. I hear their coach is this cocksure young guy who pushed out Coach Taylor with some BS political maneuvering, just because he thought the head case freshman QB he'd been training should start instead of a real leader. What a dick! You're going down Dillon Panthers! Tim Riggins is too drunk to save you!

Can't wait to see my fellow Purplesaurs ... ahem ... Lions in their amazing halloween costumes, and look out for the debut appears of the Amazing Purple-Man! Halloweek is officially upon us, and there is no reason to do anything short of getting stupid tonight.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get back to Googling pictures of Minka Kelly.


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