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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Awful Waffles

Hi gang,
Another week and another hard fought win, this time 4-2 over hangers and bangers.  A live team.  That's right.  A win over a Capital team.  Which might not be too surprising since we were a Capital team a long time ago (last season).  Guenther gets the game ball with a three run triple which was only slightly sullied with him being thrown out at home.  
Wait thats not right. Actually it wasn't that great of a game.  Our team kinda regressed to years past performance (probably due to the two week bye...thanks schedule maker!). We couldn't score runs and our defense was mostly "let them load the bases and them get outs at home".  So like all teams struggling we went to camp.  Not a kickball camp per se but a camp nonetheless:

A bar crawl like that really clears your head!  
This week we're refreshed and ready to rock Balls and dolls.  I don't know much about them but thinking we'll be ok.

Yours forever,
awful waffles

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