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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Relax and Let it Happen

Well our normal GMOT writer is being lazy this week so I'll give it a whirl. Last week we played Pitch Slapped! At first glance you see their name and think, are they really promoting domestic violence, they can't be cool. But then we got to know them, and I would have to say out of the 50 or so new teams that Relax has played this team is our absolute favorite. They are the first new team in the history of kickball not to complain about bunting or taking it too serious (also known as winning). Even though this team was getting beat like they stole something, they still maintained a positive attitude throughout the whole game. Once we were up 12 they asked us if we would start kicking so they could work on catching the ball!! This is the type of team that new teams need to strive to be. Therefore, I would like to throw a HUGE shout out to Pitch Slapped!, you are welcome in the Relax circle of trust any time you'd like to come.

Since I don't really want to write about a 13-3 game, I'll write about a 14-3 game that took place over the weekend. This past weekend the Relax franchise took home another title in the 7th Annual Bobby Bones Tournament. Leading up to the tournament a certain kickball delegate was talking non stop about how they were going to beat Relax. I'm not sure if he really believed it or if he was just trying to sike himself up to make himself believe it but in the end we beat them twice in one day. I (Jay) will also be holding tours for $5 from 4-7 on Saturday's if anyone wants to visit the shrine of trophies on display in my living room, just call ahead. 

Relax wasn't invited to the Halloween party tonight at the fields so naturally we hope it rains and nobody gets to play. The one dress up night that Relax supports we don't even get to participate in!!! Thanks Lundy, you're getting punched in the ovaries next time we see you (seriously, you're getting punched)! Instead we've decided that we need to compete in something on Thursday so we are having a Pumpkin Carving contest/pot luck dinner/best time ever. Next week we will send in a picture of the champion pumpkin carver. 


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