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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Awful Waffles

Last week, your awful waffles had a first.  A substitute at pitcher, Carrie B threw the first shutout in team history, and against a decent team! Amazingly,  game ball doesn't go to her but Cole who caught everything in sight in the outfield and smashed a dinger.  Way to go team.

And there's another big event at the kickball fields and another bye week for the waffles.  Great.  And that's unfortunate because we all love halloween.  There's really no reason not to:
1) a reason to wear costumes that would usually get you arrested otherwise
2) you get to act like an idiot without real repercussions
3) the possibility of free candy
4) the most crowded night ever in Austin where you can barely move anywhere!
(ok that last one isn't too cool)

In compiling this list though it seems that those first three are pretty much occurring every kickball day so I guess we'll make an appearance if not at the fields then at third base.  So as to not spoil the surprise, no hints given to our costumes but you'll be impressed.

truly, madly, deeply,
awful waffles

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