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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dillon Panthers

Well the Dillon Panthers are running out of GMOT material a little bit.  We don’t have a rival to talk trash to, and we are still in the nickname development phase.  So for this week’s post I will resort to a poetic style that is both sophisticated and concise.  I give you, a Dillon Panthers acrostic.

Power shortage: The Panthers await their first outfield hit.

Aging well:  The Panthers had 3 times as many runs scored on them in the first inning of the season than the following 14 combined.

Not acknowledged:  Despite a rapid climb up the standings the Panthers remain unranked in the Power Polls.  Marc Stein would never allow this!

Tagging up: A concept we are struggling with a bit.

Halloween: Is soon.  Just a reminder.

Economical:  With a level of thriftiness appropriate for our current times, the Panthers have won 2 games by a combined 2 runs.

Riggins, Tim: The Panthers model for both in-game excellence and pre/during/post game drinking.  Also hair.

Sandstorm:  The Panthers get ready for games by blasting this 90's Finnish trance hit.


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