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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kicks Like Jesus

Consistent winners of having fun, and soon to be consistent winners at
kickball, Kicks Like Jesus finally broke into the W column after three
disappointing weeks.  They apparently saved all of the awesome kicks
and home runs for this one game.  Three home runs and a number and of
jello shots later, the team did what they do best and partied hard.
The triumphant return of Travis Hemphill AKA "T-Hemp" started things
off with a tremendous blast to left center field to score the first
few runs.  Travis would do so again at his next at bat, as would Nick
"Superslick" Pronsky, the team's pitcher.  Paul Bobba Fet almost got
thrown out at first for showboatin' too hard, but the excellent refs
threw him a bone and said the play was dead.  Big thanks to the refs,
for they have a thankless job.  Madeleine "Mad Dog" Christiana was
forced out of the game after being bitten by a rabid and apparently
ferocious Chihuahua, and Callie, Natina, Jenny, Laura, and Leslie
played some crazy defense, as did Suresh "Brown Sugar" Thomas at
short.  Kick Like Jesus followed up the game, as they always do, in
Mickey Avalon style.  Not by giving out manjobs for drugs, but by
playing mean bar games, and generally being awesome all over

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