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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PurpleSaurus Rex

When losing a kickball game badly the only truly sportman-like way to respond is to get super drunk and start making fun of opposing players' haircuts, so we did exactly that. After a vicious 6-0 beat down at the hands of Sit On My Base, I think I have discovered the fatal flaw in our team's composition:

Big head + little arms = not so great at kickball.  But I have a solution.  After secret meetings with the evil and diabolical artificial intelligence known as Robotkicks, we have developed this highly technical drawing of the new technology that is to be the salvation of PurpleSaurus Rex.

That's right, ROBOT ARMS.  It will take a few weeks to develop our mechanisms of kickball domination so we're on bye for a while, but know that you will all rue the day you mocked us!  Practice your rueing.  Especially you Dillon Panthers, you're next!

In other news, due to the horribleness of what was happening in Dallas on my TV this past Saturday, I decided to go in the other room for an hour and make freakin sweet hats for my teammates. Behold, the PurpleSaurus HAT!

In situations like this, it's normal to seeth with envy and wish you could have such an awesome awesome hat, so don't feel bad. All you need is a few bucks for cheap-like-free hats from amazon, some inkjet iron-transfer paper, and to quit being jealous weenies and make your own hats. All the cool kids are doing it.

No Kool-Aid related jokes this week, I just love dinosaurs too much.


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