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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome to the GMOT!

Hello all you beautiful kickballers, and welcome to the greatest blog on Earth: WAKA Austin's Ghost Man on Third! Here you'll find all manner of amusing Thursday afternoon time-wasting fodder as you daydream about 5 PM rolling around so you can ditch the office and head for the fields. Or the pre-party, as the case may be.

This whole thing works because YOU send in content for us to post by emailing us at waka.gmot@gmail.com! This is your forum to call out your teammates on their shenanigans, challenge your upcoming opponents to special rules, or anything else you could possibly want! With a few basic exceptions:

1. No hate speech. Slurs, discriminatory language, misogynistic rants, homophobic rhetoric, and anything else along those lines is going to get your post screened right into the junk mail folder. Don't be that person.
2. No extreme profanity. We're all adults here, there's no harm in dropping a couple bombs for emphasis now and then, but use your head. For example:

"We spent the next 2 hours doing Fireball shots at Gibson like it was our goddamn job." - Hell yeah you did!

"That little b**** thought he was going to get on base, but I pegged him right in his f***ing throat so hard his skank girlfriend started crying." - Jeez dude, get therapy and never send in a post again. Also if you peg someone in the throat they're safe. IDIOT. I just made this hypothetical guy up and I still hate him.

Look to the right! There are every-week columns with picks and power rankings for every league! Hooray! The esteemed Kimberly Fortanely will be posting your messages every Tuesday, so if you send one in after that, expect to see it the following week on the blog!

If you have images to include, please insert the URL of the image in the location you'd like it to appear. Don't make us host it for you, we're hotlinking like bandits up in herr. Happy posting, happy kickballing, happy everything! It's kickball season!


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