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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TX-Waterloo: Go Home Mother Nature, You're Drunk!

No, we're not playing tonight.  I'm not happy about it either.  Ol' Mother Nature got drunk over the weekend and is having a 2 day case of the "Booze Blues"

But fear not my young Wakateers, we have the gift of booze to warm our spirits and help us forget about the fields for 1 night.
The Mean Eyed Cat will be our new "Clubhouse" (yes girls are allowed...and encouraged *wink *wink)

So come on out, grab some dranks, meet some new friends and make some bad decisions!

Head Ref Bio #1:
<--------- This is Kyle.  He is the unofficial Mayor of Austin WAKA, having played in every league for multiple years.  He is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute BEAST on the dance floor.  He's ALWAYS wearing some sort of West Virginia University apparel so you can't miss him.

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