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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TX-Waterloo - Kick James, P!tch

I would like to take a moment to remember a few special things we've lost in the last week.

For a few of us, it's been gone for years

Candy Van's Young Undefeated Season
No we haven't played yet, but it's already penciled into my journal.

Well....you know who you are

Soriano's Knee Cartilage
The field won't be the same without him.  But now there's nothing stopping him from verbally accosting Cap'n Wiz for a full undistracted 50 minutes.

Speaking of....
Head Ref Bio #2
This is Allen. --------> I know, not a great picture.  But this is what Allen's about!  Drinking from trophys and stealing strangers' puppies!  I hope you like new best friends, cuz you're gonna need to make room in your hearts for Allen. 

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