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Thursday, February 27, 2014

PurpleSaurus Rex - TX Live

So if you haven't met us yet, you may know us as that kind of naked dancing team that you had had to get uncomfortably close to when you went to pick up the shirts from my table last week. Well, show some respect folks, you're looking a league royalty. I realized this season that PurpleSaurus Rex is officially a mainstay of TX Live culture, we've been around that long. A brief history of PurpleSaurus Rex:
1989: This commercial hits the airwaves, and somebody had the good sense to turn on the VCR

Spring 2010: After a brief an unsatisfying stint in ASSC, the founding fathers of PurpleSaurus discovered WAKA and created the esteemed Untitled Kickball Project in TX Capital. Little did we know that UKP would be the cro-magnon man of a storied franchise.

Summer 2010: Nucleus of the team joins Untouchaballs, meets Sterling Shrader.

Fall 2010: Still casting about for their one true name, UKP plays their first TX Live season as Ctrl+Alt+Elite.
Remember when we could play flip cup?

Winter 2011: Having trouble finding their identity as a fun team or a good team, UKP returns to Capital under their original namesake. We meet Scotty after Nate moves into a house on Hartham right off West 6th that we absolutely trash every Thursday after going to Third Base
Also Stephen got fat.

Summer 2011: UKP plays their final season, changing their name in week 3 to Nate Fox and the Less Eligible Bachelors. It's been a long time since I've shared one of these and I worry that Nate hasn't gotten really angry at me in a while sooooooo:
Table of Contents photo from August 2011 edition of Austin Monthly
Fall 2011: PurpleSaurus Rex is born! Our first ever "seriously we don't care about winning let's get weird" season and first 20+ person roster. Also featured the first appearance of PurpleMan on Halloween.

Kia has no idea what to think of this.

Spring 2012: Unsatisfied with not having a competitive outlet, the most athletic members of the original UKP crew form Big League Chew in TX Capital, but play on PurpleSaurus in TX Live at the same time. I have ankle surgery after a devastating kickball injury and am sidelined for 6 months starting in March. Tom Hallock and Carrie Gilson get their Purple wings.

Summer 2012: PurpleSaurus takes a season off while el capitan is completely unable to play for the entire season rehabbing the injury. Plus it was really hot.

Fall 2012: Still incubating into it's current incarnation, a few members of what PurpleSaurus will ultimately become play on the aptly named "Get Drunk, Kick Away". Jason Casey and Kristie Kelly join the team along with Clayton Porter.

So bright, so tight. How adorable is McKemie?

Winter 2013: PurpleSaurus Rex returns to stay! Huge additions are made that set the tone for the team for the future: Hayley Fojtik, Rob Jaskula, Erica Diaz, & Kim Vozar. Purple does uncharacteristically well competitively, going 5-3 on the season but getting Waffled in the end. New logo and hats get rolled out!

Everything about this picture makes me smile.

Summer 2013: Shits officially getting real. Serena Faruolo, Darcy Lysaught & Ivan Gonzalez all join us. The Purple-Off is revived after several years of dormancy and the departure of the Warriors, leading to this glorious photo:

This picture doesn't show the raw amounts of glitter.

Fall 2013: Purple is the new black. We're everywhere. Huge pickups this season with Ashley Compton, Chelsea Levin, Lori Sternberg, Cody Bond, and Jacob Mackey signing on. They actually started putting us on promotional materials at this point.

PJ night was so comfy.

Spring 2014: PurpleSaurus Rex 6.0 is what you see rolled out before you. Looking through the current roster of teams our tenure is exceeded only by that of Relax and Let it Happen and The Tyrannical Teabaggers, although Sons of Pitches are right there with us. Tonight we dominate (checks schedule) Kickin & Wafflez, and I must say it's good to have a new entrant occupying the Waffle demographic. We will cover them with glitter and shame. From what I understand, Relax is planning on turning tonight into a complete shit show, so get your toosh to Gibson after the game and lets get ready to burn this thing down.


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