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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Relax and Let it Happen - TX Live

Yayyyyy! Kickball is fun! We didn’t know how much we missed it until we got out there last week. There was Pitch Slapped, right in front of us. A wide-eyed, baby-faced, supple beauty, bursting with innocence. The smell of sweet, sweet dominance was in the air and the shit talking flowed like a babbling brook. We took Pitch Slapped for the ride of their lives and I’m sure they thank us deeply.

This week we play the IncrediBalls. It could be fun I guess, I don’t really care. What’s more important is that we play at 9. So I’m assuming we leave work at a reasonable hour, get together at El Mercado, slug down 3-4 margs, eat some “Mexican food” that will make us shit fire on Friday, and live our lives. We show up at 9, love the IncrediBalls, love ourselves, and make magic happen for the second week in a row.

Can’t wait to see all you hipsters out there in your weird circus outfits. We’ll be the ones dressed like athletes. We wish we could hug you all forever. Smooches, y’all.

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