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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gilligan's Island - TX Republic

Our first week out on the fields and our fearless leader Gilligan (Gilbo, Gilly, Gilson) led us to our first victory! We were all inspired by her words of encouragement before the game started, "Win or lose, we all get lei'ed" and I'm certain that is why everyone played so beautifully! We are a rag-tag team of free agents, one of the longest WAKA players of all time, and some ridiculous people who like to wear tiny clothes and we couldn't be any happier! We all showed up at the bar, had a great time, and are excited for our next game! Huge shout out to Darren "Sure, I'll kick a home-run in the first inning of the game" Konesheck and Drew Heikes for his amazing tuck and roll catches! 

See you all at the bar this week, we're taking home that belt!

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