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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Legendary Red Rockets

Our game was rained out last week but we learned a lot about each other that day. We also showed up looking fly.

I’m going to miss this week’s contest but to my fellow Rockets--- REPRESENT.

I’m not sure who we play this week, but I imagine we’re going to come at them like a bunch of rabid helper-monkeys hopped up on pixie sticks, cleaner fluid and cactus cooler --after all—noon Wednesday is the apex of the work week, after that it’s all downhill.

Predictions: Deep lunges. Warm embraces. Power high fives. Incognito libations. Redactions: Editor-in-Chief-Power Lunger for The Legendary Red Rockets deeply regrets the following note in last week’s GMOT: “Here’s 35 cents, call your moms and let them know we’re coming and we Rocket.” We received too many requests and were unable to visit everyone’s mom. We were however able to Rocket!

One for two—that’ll get ya in the Hall of Fame.

Have a great time everyone!

Ahhhhh We Rocket! Ahhhh Nous Fusée! Ahhhh nós foguete! Ahhhh vi raket!

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