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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Legendary Red Rockets

This maybe our first GMOT post- last week I forgot to press send-- but as the Editor-in-Chief-Power Lunger for The Legendary Red Rockets, I must say that we certainly acted out of character on the field – Let it Happen gave us a good ole in and out…and didn’t call the next day (frowny face) -- but the Red Rockets bounced back and proved that we do indeed Rocket after a decent showing against That Kick Cray and an even more impressive showing running from Johnny Law in our post-game celebrations.

Reflections from last week—man we look good in the heat. Beads of sweat, fresh jamz, high knees and power lunges. Let-it-be-known, we are not perfect; I myself had a nice Mr. Magoo moment-- dropped a fly ball, threw the ball into the infield, clumsily knocking over refreshments in the infield. My bad. But with the fervor of unicorns ensconced in velour, we overcame, united as a team and the results speak for themselves. Tie game against a very formidable opponent. Golf clap your teammates.

This week, we hope to prove that everything you really need to know can be learned in Road House – Swayze’s insight shall provide us a foundation of reflection – PAIN DON’T HURT – that we hope to share with Candy Van. Some predictions – since it seems that we’re re-living the days of Prohibition, we’ll have to get sexy and creative in our libation consumption or stick to whip-its (too soon, probably). Prediction 2, DJ Paul-Diamond on the soles of his shoes-Simon will continue to fuel our controlled chaos with some funky azz jamzz, Prediction 3—We’re going to Rock It, hard, like never before. Here’s 35 cents, call your moms and let them know we’re coming and we Rocket.

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