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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DunderSaurus Rex

What goes up must come down … reality came crashing through the door, punched us in the throat, kicked our dog and then took a leak on our heads.

There’s no easy way to describe the 8-3  beat down that Dunder was the recipient of – like Icarus, we flew too high, too close to the sun only to have the wax holding our wings together melt before our eyes and we came crashing down to earth.

Dunder was riding high with a 3-1-1 record, 3rd place in the Live standings, #8 in the Power Rankings – the problem:  we’re really a 0.500 team most season.  This game brought us back to reality.

Hot Shot Loads did just what their name describes … it wasn’t pretty.  Dunder reverted to a rookie team making bad plays, bad decisions and generally looking unorganized.

I won’t make excuses like the wind was really swirling around causing fly balls to act all screwy ( they were ) OR that the lack of alcohol somehow took us out of our mojo ( it did ) OR that that cop watching us play made certain members of our team nervous ( he did ).  The other team played with the same conditions and held everything together, looking smooth doing it.

So overall, this was a very sobering game but if I’m looking for a silver lining:  at least it happened during the regular season.  We’ll see how well we respond:  next up, a tough game with the Ragin’ Dinos, a perennial Live Championship Team.

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