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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DunderSaurus Rex

Dunder rolls to a 7-0 shutout win but the game was closer than it sounds. It was a 1-0 Dunder lead into the third inning when the flood gates broke open. One Kick Wonders got the first two outs pretty quick and then fell apart defensively giving up 4-5 runs.

Now there’s no shame in this – we on Dunder are completely familiar with such things: we call it a ‘Dunder Inning’. It’s the one inning a game where everything just falls apart and the other team scores a bunch of runs on a series of bad defensive plays, bad decision making and unfavorable calls from the ref. We’ve been there ourselves too many times to count. We’ve played “perfect” games except for one inning and end up losing by a run … it’s maddening. So anyways One Kick Wonders, you played a great game for four innings – it was that one inning that got you.

Offensively, Dunder is cruising along … we scored over 7 runs in two consecutive weeks … I don’t think we’ve ever done that. Normally, we’re defensively sound (except for our 1 Dunder inning per game) and offensively challenge. But have we finally figured something out? Have we finally deciphered how to get people on base, move them into scoring position and then drive runs in?

Well find out over the next few weeks when we play some solid defensive teams – next up: Hot Shot Loads. I’ll be honest, I know nothing about them and I feel kind of lost without at least a preliminary scouting report but since they’re in the ‘Music’ division, I like our chances.


Matt “Matty Ice” Saal – He’s the Paul Brown of Dunder, an innovative, autocratic leader who holds team records for number of seasons captained, number of regular season wins, playoff victories, and highest win percentage as captain. He was the first and only Dunder captain to apply sabermetric principles to kickball, ensuring that our lineups were statistically supported, meticulously planned, and everyone was placed in the optimal position for success.

Unlike Paul Brown, Matt was able to relinquish control of the team, handing it over to Ben, so that he can work on becoming the Jim Brown of Dunder. His improvement as a bunter and catcher have helped transition Dunder from the Wild West days of “no bunting, ref your own games WAKA” into the modern era of WAKA kickball. His kickball knowledge, on base reliability, fielding chops, fondness for providing the team with cheap beer, and willingness to go from 1st to 3rd without hesitation makes him a true Dunder five tool player.

Matt was the head ref for WAKA several seasons and launched the Monday North league (WAKA FreeTail) to solidifying his legacy as Dunder's most prolific kickballer. It's said that he's loved in Cleveland more than Bernie Kosar, a true feat for any man. He has an unparalleled knowledge of all Austin-area kickball leagues, teams, and players.

Even if you don’t know Matt, he surely knows you -- and all of your weaknesses.

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