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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Listen up, you shit sippin' frittatas: we have an English lesson for you:

a : being without something specified : devoid
b : having no members or examples; specifically of a suit : having no cards represented in a particular hand
Why do you care about this definition of a word you already (hopefully) know how to use? Because I want you to appreciate where we come from when we come at you with a new variation of this particular definition:
c : being without something as spectacular as Candy Van: having no members participating in a BLL-induced roofie circle.
In kickballer terms: we have a bye this week. We have too many nerds gettin' down on the nerd conference this week to play kickball. We'll see you next week for our epic battle against Valerie's favorite team in Live, the Red Rockets.

I leave you with this:

Keep Austin reading, friends.

Candy Van

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